nez featuring DUCE – Glowing

DUCE biography

19 year old singer/songwriter, taking inspiration from the likes of Billie Holiday and Amy Whinehouse.

DUCE have been singing since the age of 6, where she have continued to develop her own unique sound and musical knowledge through private tuitions and college studies.
She write and perform her own original material, alongside being a part of a 6 piece jazz/funk band, in which they have gigged in a variety of venues in the UK through Birmingham, Worcester, Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport.


Perspective on the song and influences behind the lyrics

DUCE about her perspective on the song and the songwriting process:

“The initial inspiration for the starting point of the lyrics was based around an uplifting and influential emotion to try and enforce towards all human beings, including children.

As a result, I proceeded to expand on ideas such as always looking forward in life and focusing on the future, encouraging the listeners to feel positive and enjoy life to the fullest.
Life can be difficult in stages, but you can only move forwards, which therefore makes it important not to dwell on the smaller things that have very little impact on you as a person and could potentially affect your goals.

The main hook of the song, which was to be repeated to drill into people the main message of the song, ‘Get backup, get backup and start again’. I then proceeded to write a similar pre-chorus which elaborated on this message, ‘Just gotta try again’.

After that, this was when I was able to expand on the main message of the song in much finer details, including mindsets and feelings I have personally experienced that have allowed me to look onwards and achieve success.
Mental health is a subject that I feel passionate towards and I wanted to help and support people who struggle and find it difficult to find themselves and pull through the darker sides of life.”