Stuck with Josje Fontein

Josje Fontein

Josje Fontein is a Scottish/Dutch Artist (b. 1999) and self-proclaimed “addlip plugin” who performs a blend of urban Pop and R’n’B music.

She is a well-established songwriter with a publishing deal at the publishing agency Pitchplay. She graduated from the music college Albeda AMP Musician/producer in 2020.

Josje got interested in music aorund the age of 10 and she always knew she was going to create music. When she was in high school she was spotted by a producer and started recording professionally – Years later she has released multiple records and got a quite a few mentionings in dutch newspapers.

She hopes to inspire her audience with her lyrics and to tell her story in her own way.

She writes catchy hooks that might get stuck in your head.

Josje Fontein about writing "Stuck"

“When I started writing the melody and lyrics for the song, I played the beat nez sent me and immediately went to writing the Chorus. After that; the song just fell into place …

I recorded vocal harmonies and adlips after I finished the melody and lyrics. Vocal harmonies just comes to me when I hear certain melodies. The vocal addlips just came to me in the moment while I was recording … other artists always call me “the addlip plugin” because I just randomly come up with these additional vocal melody lines.”