Augmented Reality In Entertainment Industry. Magic Leap | Original Concept Video - YouTube. Most of the predictions coming out recent days are stating that it will take another few months for the sector to breathe normally. Although augmented reality has shown innovation in mobile entertainment, the technology has great potential beyond fun and games. Augmented Reality for Entertainment and live shows. However, some experiments of fusing augmented reality on TV are already being made with the promise of future enhancements. One way of integrating augmented reality in television is adding supplementary information to what is going on on the TV screen – such as match scores, betting options, and the like.

The words conjure thoughts of science fiction and video games. Augmented reality. But this science fictional technology is now reality and has applications that span far beyond the video game industry.

Wallace and Gromit, the delightfully goofy Brit and his preternaturally clever hound, will embark on their first augmented-reality adventure in the fall of 2020. The full AR experience in the forth… The stage shows, theater performances, and other forms of entertainment are almost in a paused stage.