Magneto’s real name is Max Eisenhardt. Unfortunately his real name has … Magneto's "public persona" is Erik Lensherr. Magneto has mastered many technological fields as well: for example, he has designed magnetically-powered skycraft and spacecraft, complex robots and computers, and magnetically-powered generators. Among the most powerful, recognizable, and infamous mutants to inhabit the planet Earth, Magneto was the X-Men's first major nemesis. He used it for over 25 years, while searching for his wife, Magda. It is a forged identity in order to live in the real world. He was born to a Jewish in pre-war Poland. Character Real name Joined in Notes Founding members: Professor X: Charles Xavier … Magneto was revealed to be one of the Twelve, a roster of mutants prophesied to bring in a new era for their people; Apocalypse captured the group, hoping to use them to his own gain. However, Magneto tapped into another mutant ’ s powers to compensate for his waning ones Magneto has only a rudimentary knowledge of hand-to-hand combat. Ignition magneto, a magneto for an internal combustion engine; Bicycle magneto (commonly known as a dynamo despite not meeting the normal definition of that term) . He was also using the alias, Magnus, when he met Xavier. Max and his family were sent by the Nazi invaders to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Other electrical machines. Bottle dynamo; Hub dynamo; Telephone magneto, a magneto used with a telephone; Places and jurisdictions.