In June 2015, the senior management announced a change in Microsoft organizational structure to align to its strategic direction as a productivity and platform company. Microsoft Investor Relations - Corporate Governance Overview Interview with Microsoft Board Member Hugh Johnston Hugh Johnston discusses his approach to leadership, provides an inside look to the boardroom, and highlights how the Board considers shareholder value creation and the differentiating opportunity Microsoft has in ESG (environmental, social, and governance). Features of Microsoft’s Corporate Structure.

Microsoft organizational structure can be classified as divisional. WE Communications Microsoft Media Relations (503) 443-7070.

. A responsive organizational structure ensures the company’s long-term success. You can build a flexible structure of management groups and subscriptions to organize your resources into a hierarchy for unified policy and access management. Microsoft uses a horizontal management landscape to minimize communication interference. Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Corporation announced an extensive reorganization of the company in July 2013. Microsoft Corporation has a product type divisional organizational structure.
Senior Leaders Board Members Executive Speeches. Microsoft Corporation separates its various functions to promote better oversight of these operations.

Senior Leaders. Chris … This presentation discusses the past and present organizational structures that Microsoft Corporation has used. The new structure aligns the company under a single strategy, dubbed One Microsoft, which is intended to focus company-wide efforts and resources on products and services that offer the highest value to consumers and to the business.
Microsoft Corporation’s organizational structure reflects the needs of the computer hardware and software business in response to market dynamics. Chief Executive Officer . Satya Nadella. Facilities, retail, research and development, networking and operations and support are some of the main divisions of the company's organizational structure. Judson Althoff.

The Org Chart of Microsoft contains its 705 main executives including Satya Nadella, Amy Hood and Bradford Smith. Find photos, biographies, and speech transcripts of Microsoft executives and board of directors members Press Contact. The following diagram shows an example of creating a hierarchy for governance using management groups. Leadership. Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business. This restructuring initiative resulted in elimination of approximately 7,400 positions in fiscal year 2016.