Directed by Owen Palmquist, Kirk Wolfinger.

XMM-Newton has found puzzling differences between today’s clusters of galaxies and those in the Universe around seven thousand million years ago.

Nova follows the efforts of scientists to unravel the mysteries of dark matter, which holds our universe together, and dark energy which is making it fly apart. Right now!

Some scientists interpret this to mean that the ‘dark energy’ which most astronomers now believe dominates the Universe simply does not exist.

TALITHIA WILLIAMS: NOVA Wonders: What's the Universe Made Of? When you stare up at the sky at night, it's hard not to wonder what's out there in the cosmos.

By Bill Andrews | Published: Monday, January 9, 2017 Minerals that are likely to occur at different depths of Kepler 102 and Kepler 407. With Ken Clark, Rana El Kaliouby, Andre Fenton, Alex Filippenko. Right now! What's the universe made of?