Armadillo Aerospace successful launched its STIG-B rocket from Spaceport America earlier today. Spaceport America; White Sands Missile Range; NASA White Sands Test Facility; UAS Flight Test Center; Renewable Energy; Business & Financial Services; Technology; Value-Added Agriculture; Digital Media; Industrial Parks. Despite encountering difficulties reaching … Armadillo Aerospace has taken some major strides with its FAA-approved suborbital rocket, the STIG-B. Armadillo founder John Carmack has Tweeted some updates:

The next step for Armadillo Aerospace will be launching the STIG B rocket to up to an altitude of 62 miles (100 km).

Testing future spacecraft technologies Armadillo Aerospace's STIG-A test vehicle deploys a ballute as it reaches apogee during a Jan. 28, 2012 test flight. The ballute, a combination balloon-parachute stabilization device, failed to work properly but company officials said the flight met its main test objectives. However another private rocket company, Armadillo Aerospace, recently made its highest flight yet, flying its uncrewed STIG-A rocket just shy of the 100-kilometre boundary of space on 28 January. Armadillo Aerospace was to provide a sub-orbital rocket to fly tourists into space, while Space Adventures would sell tickets for the experience.

The objective was to send the payload above 100 kilometers, the boundary of space. That flight is currently slated to launch from Spaceport America in early spring. Armadillo’s current focus is on commercial suborbital tourism with plans to expand into orbital operations. In August 2013, Carmack announced that Armadillo Aerospace had been put in "hibernation mode", following setbacks including the crash of the STIG-B rocket in January 2013. That flight is currently slated … However, some sort of abort occurred during the flight, so it’s not clear how high it reached. The next step for Armadillo Aerospace will be launching the STIG B rocket to up to an altitude of 62 miles (100 km). SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Armadillo PR) — At Newspace 2012 hosted by the Space Frontier Foundation in Santa Clara CA, Dr. George Nield, Associate Administrator for the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation, presented Neil Milburn, Armadillo Aerospace’s VP of Program Management,with an Operator Launch License for their STIG (Suborbital Transport with Inertial …

View of the Rio Grande River valley from 239,000 ft (~50 mi) aboard Armadillo Aerospace’s STIG … Armadillo Aerospace. Armadillo Aerospace is a leading developer of reusable rocket powered vehicles. With the designs for Super Mod and Stig A, Armadillo’s two reusable test vehicles, having been submitted to NASA, Armadillo continues to raise the bar in the commercial spaceflight industry. Aerospace.

Armadillo Aerospace . Earth as Seen by an Armadillo Aerospace Rocket.