He founded Tzedek, an organisation to fight child sexual abuse in Jewish communities.

Pastor ARRESTED for 'exercising his rights' - Duration: 56 minutes.

Hero cop FIRED for begging his peers to do the right thing - Duration: 11 minutes, 59 seconds.

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Avi Yemini, the far-right Australian-Israeli activist, was fined A$3,600 by an Australian court after being charged for assaulting and sending harassing texts to his ex-wife Sarah Lyford. Avi Yemini drops truth-bombs on Sky News.

Australian Airport security should racially profile and target Middle Eastern men specifically, Israeli army veteran Avi Yemini claims.

***TRIGGER WARNING*** ICYMI This morning I went #LIVE on Sky News Australia and …

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From Avi Yemini. O. S” and a “c***” as per Herald Sun .

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Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts : Avi is the middle one of 17 children in his family. In court, Yemini’s former partner detailed the devastating and lasting impacts the assault has had on her life.

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Video Views 41,541,161. Watch the mo Yemini is now a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance which supports his cause.

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Message for former IDF soldier Avi Yemini brands him a ‘f**kin’ Jew’ and tells him to ‘get out of the country‘ By Sue Surkes 14 March 2017, 11:24 pm 4 Edit Facebook

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User Summary Future Projections Detailed Statistics Featured Box Similar Channels User Videos Live … Manny Waks (born Menachem Leib Waks, 1976) is an Australian activist.He was previously part of the orthodox community in Australia and later became known for his activism against child sexual abuse in the Jewish community worldwide.

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What is the avi width and height. Melbourne gym owner and activist Avi Yemini received the offensive text on January 23, which said: 'You dirty jew. Apply for YouTube Partnership.

JAF has gone further, telling “Avi Yemini is a useful idiot in the endless soap opera that is Australia’s far-right melodrama … As friend or foe to the various actors, Avi Yemini plays his part, cynically twisting and turning, whichever way the wind blows. Avi Yemini.

Uploads Play all. When Avi Yemini called for a protest over a Bondi shul not being built, Erikson planed to attend the protest (Avi Yemini had to beg him to make a video explaining he was not a Nazi, and apparently needing to clarify to his own followers that Nazis would not be welcomed – this generally being a course of action he has needed to take with nearly every event he has organised).