Men are TWICE as likely to die from coronavirus as women, reveals biggest ever study of COVID-19 risk factors.
In the most sweeping study of its kind, Ben Goldacre at the University of Oxford, UK, and his colleagues examined the medical records of more than 17 million residents of England (E. Williamson et al.

"For many years, trials transparency has been neglected," he said. BRITS suffering severe asthma and uncontrolled diabetes are among those at “highest risk of dying from the coronavirus”, a major new study has warned. The researchers compared the characteristics of the 5,683 deaths attributed to Covid-19 in that time in the UK. Study of 17.4million patient records also highlighted risk for ethnic minorities Dr Ben Goldacre, who devised the website, told the BBC he hoped it would "nudge" institutions into properly disclosing data. A massive study in the UK shows who is dying from Covid-19. The OpenSAFELY analysis, led by well-known science writer and doctor Ben Goldacre, analysed the health records of over 17 million adults for 1 February to 25 April. The findings also show men over 60… Some of the strongest evidence is from a study published on May 7th by Ben Goldacre of Oxford University and his colleagues.

This looked at the medical records of …