Planning to do following. visit santa maria cetrella. This colossal metropolis is the third largest city in Italy behind Rome and Milan with a population of 975,000 and a greater metropolitan population of over 3.1 million. We spent a few days discovering the island by boat, here are the awesome things to do in Capri Italy! This Capri travel guide has everything you need for what to see and do, and where to stay, eat, and play. We will be in Amalfi in first week of October with Salerno as home base. Without a doubt it deserves more. Capri Italy is an island wonderland. blue grotto. visit villa san michele. The great news is that if you’ve got the advice of an experienced Capri lover, you can see them all! There’s sooooo many things to do in Capri, the most famous and glamorous of all the islands in Italy. On one of the day we will be doing day trip to capri. Both are on hills.

The Isle of Capri is just a ferry ride away if you’re visiting Sorrento, Naples, or the Amalfi Coast of Italy.With its beautiful blue waters and gorgeous gardens, and plenty to see and do, Capri makes for a fabulous day trip from any of these places.

As one of Italy’s top destinations, there are so many unique things to do in Capri, Italy, though many visitors make just a day trip to Capri. Leave the car on the mainland and join the masses who use water transport to flock to this dramatic Italian isle in the Bay of Naples. There are two towns on Capri, Capri and Anacapri. Capri, Italy Romance seems to waft through the air on Capri, accompanied by the scent of lemon blossoms and fresh sea air. Please let me know if I am missing any must-do in capri… So on Anacapri I discovered these steps that go down and I said why not, looks like fun. If you’re a regular reader of this travel blog (and if you’re not, come and join us! 15 Best Things to Do in Naples (Italy) Naples is a vast city located on the western coast of Italy facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. catch bus to anacapri, chair lift to monte solaro. I didn’t really plan on it, it kind of just happened.