Is Christmas Day a Public Holiday? Samoa is an island country located the South Pacific Ocean.. Elevated obesity rates are even occurring in newborns, and type 2 Diabetes is prevalent in 1 out of 5 American Samoans. 10 Interesting Facts About Samoa Updated: November 30, 2018. [13] Fa'asamoa, or the Samoa way of life, still dominates the way American Samoans live. It celebrates Jesus' birth. Here, eating together is central to the culture and daily family life. Samoa has Christmas at the same time like everyone else around the world, December 25, every year. About three fourths of the American Samoa population is considered obese, which is the highest rate in the world. It is a day off for the general population, and …

Christmas Day is a public holiday. Amazingly, around 2/3 of the island is a national park!

Christmas Day, on December 25, is one of the most festive Christian holidays in many countries around the world. Samoa holidays 2021.

The first of June marks beautiful Samoa’s Independence Day and it’s time to celebrate this proud Polynesian nation’s culture and heritage. Asked in Christmas , Ireland Do Ireland have Christmas Traditions ? Talofa! Christmas Islanders enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season from May to November, followed by a rainy season from December to April. Discovering the tropical flavours of this Pacific paradise during your holiday is as easy as ordering from the menu at your restaurant or cafe of choice. Or visit a local fish and produce market, explore a plantation or take a fishing charter for your very own catch of the day. The heat and humidity here is moderated by trade winds. History Samoa South Pacific Islands Tropical .