And if you are looking to expand your business overseas and take your company global then Cultural Intelligence is vital.

Culturally intelligent managers are able to see how their employees behave in different cultural settings and understand what they expect. Although most managers are not equally strong in

Cultural Intelligence worked with Guide Dogs Victoria to develop their Asian-Australian community strategy to communicate and engage with the Asian-Australian communities in the Year of the Dog. It’s the ability to relate and work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds and it goes beyond existing notions of cultural … Cultural intelligence is related to the ability to adapt and interact within a multicultural work environment.

cultural intelligence (CQ): A measure of a person's capacity to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Lunar New Year is an important event for many Asian-Australian communities. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cultural intelligence is becoming less important. Glenn Llopis Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has become significant within a global business scenario, where people seek new exciting markets, but are often unprepared to negotiate with a different set of people. Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is a term used in business, education, government and academic research.Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. Cul-turai intelligence resides in the body and the heart, as well as the head. In the weeks ahead, I will be starting a conversation around why diversity and the need for cultural intelligence will represent the new strategy for sustainable business growth. Jim Sutcliffe is Managing Partner at Arboretum Partners LLP and Chairman of Sun Life Financial in Canada. On the contrary: When doing business on an international level, intercultural skills are as vital to success as ever – possibly even more. He stresses the business value of CQ in helping managers to see the wider context in which the company operates: Originally, the term cultural intelligence and the abbreviation "CQ" was developed by the research done by Christopher Earley (2002) and Earley and Soon Ang (2003). As globalization has rendered the business environment more complex, dynamic, and competitive, the ability to function effectively in different cultural contexts, called … Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a critical part of setting yourself apart in today’s globalized world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovation. While superficial cultural differences may vanish with globalization, underlying social values often remain. Cultural Intelligence • BEST PRACTICE Peter's three difficulties correspond to the three components of cultural in-telligence: the cognitive; the physical; and the emotional/motivational. Cultural intelligence is related to emotional intelligence, but it picks up where emotional intelligence leaves off.