DPS: Deep Space Positioning System Deep Space 1 (DS1) was a NASA technology demonstration spacecraft which flew by an asteroid and a comet.It was part of the New Millennium Program, dedicated to testing advanced technologies.. The DSS CLPS Small Lunar Lander (SLL) design combines flight-proven technology and low-risk spacecraft design. Deep Space 2 The Deep Space 2 impactor probe was to be the first spacecraft to penetrate below the surface of another planet. Colorado Biz.

Future versions could also include a camera and have the capacity to perform both of these navigation functions autonomously. NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program will provide reliable commercial payload transportation to the lunar surface. Nasa Shortlists Companies for Moon Payload Delivery Service Bids. System (as Deep Space 1 did in 1999) The MarCO cubesats (pictured) carry a 0.5U radio and are planned to accompany the InSight Mars 2018 lander.
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However the mission failed with the loss of its mother ship, Mars Polar Lander after communication was lost after entry into Mars atmosphere on 3 December 1999. Deep Space 2 was a NASA probe part of the New Millennium Program.It included two highly advanced miniature space probes that were sent to Mars aboard the Mars Polar Lander in January 1999. Deep Space Systems Midsize Lander 3 Payload Summary Mass: up to 100 kg Volume: 3.36 m3 Power: 400 W (all mission phases) Comm: 1-10 Mbps downlink Destination: High Latitude Sites Landing: DSS Midsize Lander Payload Volumes • Upper Cargo: 0.9 m3 • 2X Cargo Overflow: 0.26 m3 • 2X Cargo: 0.85 m3 • 4X Lower Cargo: 0.06 m3 Standard Payload Features: Through hard work, attention to detail, focus on customer objectives, and close collaboration, we help ensure mission success for our customers in the civil, commercial, and defense sectors.