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Prices and deadline. General information. Spanish courses and DELE diploma. How to register. DELE exam information, Registration Centers outside Spain. DELE Spanish Diplomas are official titles certifying degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Austin, TX. : 312-335-1996 Marcelo Ayala, Diplomas Coordinador Learn Spanish at the Cervantes Institute in London. Speak Spanish.

Albuquerque, NM. Instituto Cervantes 1701 4th Street SW Abuquerque, NM 87102 Tel: +1 505 724 4777 Fax: +1 505 246 2613 Website: Contact: Amada Torres.

DELE Examination Centers in the USA coordinated by the Instituto Cervantes of Albuquerque. DELE Diplomas .

DELE is an official and internationally valid certificate for your Spanish skills. 2020 DELE Exams, deadlines and exam dates | Spanish Diplomas. Read all about it and get ready for the DELE exam 2020! Instituto Cervantes Chicago Affiliated Examination Centers in US and Canada: ILLINOIS Chicago . Information about official exams of Spanish as a foreign language. Instituto Cervantes de Chicago 31 W. Ohio Chicago, IL 60654 Tel. DELE Examination Sites. Page 1 of 57 > >> 01/27/20 How to Obtain Spanish Citizenship. Email: The Magellan International School