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Dracula doesn't strike me as the type to see Lisa get killed, wait 50 years, and THEN kill humanity in revenge. Dracula x Lisa Fanfiction Castlevania LJ Community ~*~We Are Listed At~*~ No Comments. Things grow more complicated when that child is the son of Dracula. And the fact that he nearly killed Adrian in his childhood bedroom, the one that he and Lisa built and painted themselves, was really painful as well. Twitter. Dracula winced at the memory of that night, the fury he felt when his own son begged him not to kill all of humanity for something one group of humans did. Prev; Next; Recent Journal Entries . Lisa is not quite sure whether or not she's gained a husband, though truthfully the question doesn't bother her at all. Read hot and popular stories about dracula on Wattpad.

schrodinger's unholy vampire marriage; Summary. And as Dracula and Lisa's son takes an interest in uncovering her past, she'll start to take an interest in him. Alucard-x-Maria 1 Blog Entry Latest: The Dracula x Lisa Group!!! Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Jul 9, 2017 The Dracula x Lisa Group!!! I'd rather hear it said that Lisa was killed less than five years before 1476, Alucard was closer to 350 in SotN and was still relatively young in CV3, and that he was a youth when Kid Dracula happened. The Dracula x Lisa Group!!!

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Part 1 of The Golden Eclipse; Language: English Words: 6,135 Chapters: 2/? Dracula/Lisa (Castlevania) Dracula Vlad Tepes | Mathias Cronqvist; Lisa (Castlevania) Blood Drinking; Clothed Sex; Vaginal Fingering; when bae loses the manicure; the claws are gone don't @ me! July 9, 2017 No Comments No Favourites. Journal Writers. Find the hottest dracula stories you'll love.