BABY Shark VTOL. Hosted Amateur Radio Payload (AMSAT P4-A): –S-Band uplink / X-Band downlink –Linear transponder (all modes) –15 years lifetime 2018. Standard LNBs like the Octagon range have two local oscillator (LO) frequencies, 9.75 GHz and 10.6 GHz. Falcon 9 2012. Mapping Camera. SABER VTOL Delta Wing. Es'hail-2 (P4-A) the first geostationary OSCAR from Qatar. The satellite is positioned at 25.5°E which is over Africa. GAIA 160 ELITE. Weight: 5300 kg Launched: 15-November-2018 by SpaceX from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. The new satellite will be positioned at the 26° East hotspot position for TV broadcasting and significantly adds to the company’s ability to provide high quality, premium DTH television content across the Middle East and North Africa.

The higher is selected by adding a 22kHz signal to the DC supply. Loong VTOL.

General info Official satellite name: Es'hail-2. Tethered Power System. Satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. GAIA 120 Hexacopter. My project uses a LimeSDR Mini as the basis for a ground-station for the amateur radio transponders on the geostationary satellite “Es’hail 2” (known as “QO-100” by the amateur radio community). Es’hail-2 communication satellite was launched into the geostationary transfer orbit in November 2018. RHEA 160. Accessories. THEA 140 Quadcopter. It will cover Africa, Europe, the… 2013... 2016. RTK/PPK System. Great Shark VTOL. Nimbus VTOL. The satellite was launched onboard the Falcon-9 launch vehicle from Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, US. -For those interested is active the group "QO-100 Es'Hail-2 SAT" on Telegram To join the group follow this link: -02/10/2019 Hurricane Lorenzo - Azores islands. Options for Mapping. Today SpaceX have successfully launched and deployed the Es'hail-2 satellite which is now in geostationary orbit. Hover 1 Quadcopter. For Es'Hail-2 the lower LO is used and this 22kHz tone is not required. The radio amateurs designated it Qatar Oscar 100 (QO-100). Ground Station. A 12V supply selects Vertical polarisation, an 18V supply Horizontal polarisation. It is the first Amateur Radio communication satellite in Qatar.

Datalink. QO-100 Satellite Station Amateur radio communication via a geostationary satellite. GAIA 160S. It will also feature an radio amateur payload. AMSAT Phase 4. Ground Station. Es'hail 2 is a planned communication satellite operated by Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company. This launch is special for amateur radio enthusiasts because it is the first geostationary satellite that contains an amateur radio transponder on it. Surveying & Mapping.