example of a folk culture and one example of a popular culture trait.

Initially used to describe a happy-go-lucky character capable of battling through hard times, the term was employed after World War II to distinguish those born domestically from "new" immigrants from western and southern Europe. One example of this type of culture is quilting. ... a foreign locale, they will still carry strong connotations of their original place of creation.

Kerry Kubilius is a freelance writer who specializes in Eastern European history, culture, current events, language, and travel. German men at a festival wear traditional lederhosen. Globalization, for the most part, has negatively impacted folk culture, and positively impacted popular culture. Folk Culture A group of people in a particular place who share experiences, customs, and traits, and who work to preserve those traits and customs in order to claim uniqueness and to distinguish themselves from others.

Additionally, the rural areas have a good amount of distance from the urban cities.  Where their folk cultures still exist if separate from the main stream-  Most folk culture resides in rural parts of Egypt since those areas are not heavily affected by Western culture.

Another example is the consumption of sausages, particularly brautwurst, which came into popularity for their preserved shelf-life and good flavor. One example of this type of culture is quilting.

19 examples: As trade in folk antiques and handiwork grew, it had become a large antique and… (4 pts) Possible examples (there are many others): Amish The core of Amish is in Pennsylvania, but more generally, they are located throughout other areas of the Northeast and Midwest.

Meaning of folk culture. Popular culture is becoming more dominant, while folk culture is becoming less and less present. For the folk culture, describe its current distribution. Art/Clothing-Clothing: most rural people wear traditional clothes. While elite culture represents the high-end accomplishments of a nation, often in the form of fine arts, philosophy, literature, etc.

Explanation : While nonmatieral cultural deals with the intangible, idealogical aspects of culture, like beliefs, folk and popular culture are the two primary divisions of material, tangible culture. Definition of folk culture in the Definitions.net dictionary.

Folk Culture: Beer is a large part of German cuisine and remains to be to this day, often reinforced by festivals like Oktoberfest.

These experiences are usually handed down through generations orally.

These experiences are usually handed down through generations orally. Quilting is a way of making bed covering. They can exist at the level of a nation or community and can transcend borders.

Folk culture is often cited as against elite culture.

created by outstanding, talented people, folk culture is the collective achievements of the nation’s entire population.

There are … Folk etymologies of the Class II type, on the other hand, do not usually change the meaning or form of the word, but function mainly as some popular, though false, etymological explanation of the word" (Lexicology, Semantics, and Lexicography, 2000). Carved indigenous carvings from the Philippines. As someone deeply invested in African American folk culture, Hurston saw holiness and Pentecostal churches as facilitating a way of preserving slave religion and thus recapturing the vibrancy and vitality of the African-American experience.

The following are illustrative examples of traditional culture.