Brand guidelines Guidelines and downloads for the Android and Google Play brands. When you use a trademarked term, always use it as an adjective, never as a noun or a verb.

Barcode International Article Number Universal Product Code QR code, barcodes, 039217119144 barcode free png size: 2173x1527px filesize: 43.04KB Google has been notified that … Google Play Use of the Google Play name and the Google Play Store icon on the packaging of the hardware, marketing materials of the hardware, or the hardware itself is allowed only on devices licensed to access Google Play . Garmin Exchanger: Dec 20, 2013 12:18 PM: Posted in group: Garmin Exchanger: This is a notification that your application, Garmin Exchanger, with package ID com.sibkot.GarminExchanger, has been removed from the Google Play Store in the following jurisdiction: US. REASON FOR REMOVAL: Alleged trademark infringement.

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Possessives of trademarks.

Google Play Trademark Notice. Google Play icon design specifications Design guidelines, templates and examples, for creating app icons for the Google Play Store. Google's App Engine and Google Play Trademarks Surface Google Play was introduced earlier this month when Google rebranded its predecessor "Android Market" and Google Music services.

For information about forming possessives with trademarks, see Company- and product-name possessives. A Guide To The Google Play Store Trademark Webform Google Play Store – the official Android app store.

Using trademarks as adjectives.

With Android having between 75-90% market share of the mobile operating system market, the reach of the Google Play Store is unmatched. For more information about using Google trademarks, see Rules for proper usage. Google Play is a digital content service from Google which includes an online store for music, movies, books, and Android apps and games, as well as a cloud media player.