In most cases, the best way to handle this is to direct your guests on how to adjust the temperature for themselves with their in-room AC unit or thermostat. Contact details of the guest email, mobile number etc. Whom should dealt with any guest complaints? This is the right approach to handle guest complaint.

Teach them these simple steps to navigate through a customer service issue. A valid, logical complaint is the feedback from your guest by handling which you can improve your hotel or restaurant on the other hand ignoring such complaint will result serious loss in future. Front office management and staff should keep the following resolution guidelines in mind when handling guest complaints. Training Summary questions: Q1. So, try to think this way. Refer to the guest problem in the related file. When expressing a complaint, the guest may be quite angry. Q2. According to the data, 24% or nearly 1/4 of all guest complaints have to do with room temperature. The main steps in handling the guest complaints are Listen –> Empathise –> Apologise –> Take action –> Follow up.

Arrival relevant account details on the guest folio.

Step-1: When a guest with a complaint or request approaches you, follow the basic steps of Making It Right. What your staff can do about room temperature will depend on what the problem is.

How to handle written complaints?

Listen: Listen intently making mental notes, with the right body language- put on a serious face, nod your head. Q4. Guidelines for Handling guest complaints.


What are the common reasons for guest complaints in restaurants?

Here is step by step guest complaint handling guideline for hotel or restaurant staffs.

Customer Service 5 Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint Your employees may be turning customers away.