The Horned King is a formidable foe for Taran, and nearly achieves his wicked goals. At Disneyland.

Taran is voiced by Grant Bardsley.

Creeper is intelligent and fiendish, but is slightly afraid of the Horned King due to his mistreatment of him, and happy with the Horned King being killed. A guest carries the Sword of Light into the chamber, as a large animatronic version of the Horned King invokes Satan and threatens to toss the guests into his cauldron as human sacrifices. Fanpop Poll Results: Who's your favorite villain boss with side kick?

The horned king should also be here, he is literally a Lich king in a disney movie, Coachman, the devil hisself. Incredible rejects him as his sidekick for his reckless behavior, ... King and his Black Cauldron.

He has a bumbling goblin sidekick called Creeper. The Horned King was a man given to acts of cruelty and malice, "for whom death [was] a black joy."
The friends walk into the forest, looking forward to a bright and happy future, free from the Horned King's tyranny. Pulled towards his doom. Creeper is abused by the Horned King and the human henchmen like LeFou. But when the pig is kidnapped by the Horned King, Taran must unite with his sidekick Gurgi to save him and defeat the monstrous man. The King prepares to murder Taran. My power cannot die!!!"

It focuses on the story of a young man who is shocked to discover dwarves living in his closet.

Maleficent and The Horned King vs Rothbart ... the evil enchanter Rothbart and his sidekick Bridget show up to take down the duo.

But when Mr. The enraged Horned King holding Creeper. The enchanter Dallben said he was "as powerful as Gwydion; some say more powerful."

The King is pulled into the Black Cauldron. You'll not have me! The King attempts to walk away from the Cauldron, leaving Taran for dead. Taran has a love/hate relationship with the feisty but charming and resourecful Princess Eilonwy.

The Horned King was a mighty and much-feared war leader, and the champion of Arawn Death-Lord. No man knew his name, nor had seen his face. - Read the results on this poll and other Disney Villains polls 7 Time Bandits (1981) Terry Gillian directed this well-reviewed film from 1981. The King grabs Taran, intending to sacrifice him to the Black Cauldron. Creeper was The Horned King's sidekick and the secondary antagonist in Disney's 1985 feature film The Black Cauldron. "No!