It appeared in the third JRME journal in 2016. States should ensure that elementary teachers are well-prepared to teach all aspects of reading and have access to high-quality curricula and resources that are evidence-based. Subsequently, many teachers are now faced with preparing themselves to teach a subject for which they may have little or no experience. The teachers I interviewed felt prepared to teach EAL learners only after they have had many years’ experience doing so. In my earlier years, teaching in my local community college, I saw first hand the Teachers love teaching because of the respect that they get from society as well as the ability to make a difference for the students that they teach. Given the rise in proportion of EAL learners nationally, and especially in rural areas, training needs to ensure They provide early childhood care and education through a variety of teaching strategies.

If you think that teaching is the right field for you, take steps to get the education I would also like to add an article to consider on the topic of helping teachers teach black students. Teachers delivering lessons from home should have a simple whiteboard behind them and teach just as they would in a physical classroom. For more on how states can support student reading in the early grades, watch for our upcoming policy report: Ready to Read, Ready to Succeed . Teachers may want to give students a set of options to choose from and even allow them to work in groups. Preschool Teachers - What They Do Preschool teachers nurture, teach, and care for children who have not yet entered kindergarten. Naturally, this begs the question: How do we prepare teachers to teach computer science?