Yesterday, I tried to add a new stock to the list. Reinstall Calendar App on iPhone. After I clicked on add, for the new stock, the bottom half of my stock watchlist disappeared. How can I restore the integrity of my watchlist?

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I migrated to the new watchlist several months ago and every once in a while 1 or 2 stocks drop from the list, but magically appear the next day. Apple's built-in Stocks app lets you keep track of everything in your portfolio right on your iPhone. I will now only use it for viewing news (maybe) and for researching individual stocks. Why are half of my stocks in my watchlist are missing today? You can check individual stocks and exchanges, see openings, highs, lows, volume, P/E, news, and see graphs from one day to two years. Yes, BA stock suddenly disappeared from my iOS stock app. Tip 1.

Earlier, I collapsed all my portfolios (not deleted them) and they just vanished. Question: Q: Stocks app disappeared. If you lose your Calendar app on your iPhone, please be noted that in iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12 or later, it supports to delete built-in applications on iDevice like Calendar app. Part 2. Reply I have this question too (48) I have this question too Me too (48) Me too. I can see BA stock on my watchlist for a second or so after I reopen the app but then it disappears. There are too many bugs in this produce. Five Tips to Restore Disappeared Calendar App & Events on iPhone. Apple's Stocks app is a free, native offering for both iPhone and iPad that includes personalized market and stock tracking, and a curated section of business and finance news. I added it back and it was there, but when I close and reopen the app, it disappears right in front of my eyes. You can also create multiple watchlists, synced across all your devices. I have 40 stocks in my watchlist. Track your stocks and investments with MSN Money's portfolio manager. ... More Less. They were there all of last week and before. Has this this happened to anyone else? All replies Drop Down menu. It started a couple days ago. All my portfolios disappeared from My Yahoo's My Portfolio window. If you don't want to tap your way through the Stocks app, you can even ask Siri to check the numbers for you! About 20 stocks evaporated.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3 Posted on Oct 3, 2011 6:52 PM. Stocks app watchlist disappeared and can’t add new symbols My stocks app glitched out and my stocks watch list disappeared and I can’t add new symbols.