Juno is enraged with inequalities and shows us where we seek to make things balanced, fair, and right.

This is what they expect from those that they consider as ideal partners for long term relationships. This person may appear mysterious and broody. Juno has definite shades of Pluto and Venus/Scorpio and Libra energy. Juno in Scorpio: Your triggers tend to be when others undermine your intelligence or powers of perception, or when someone tries to pull one over you, betrays or hides things from you. If these needs are thwarted, you can become very jealous, manipulative and controlling, using sex as a means of control. They want passion, loyalty and strength. Juno in Scorpio / 8th House - your partner is someone who is intense. They may be possessive, and must learn to …

Juno in Scorpio: Your primary relationship need is for intense emotional and sexual sharing. Also, they yearn to be in relationships where your private life is kept private.

If you are not good in bed then there is a chance that you would only disappoint Scorpio. Juno in Scorpio – General Info. Juno in Scorpio. Juno in Scorpio needs an intense relationship with a lot of deep intimacy and sex. Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about Juno in Scorpio in a natal chart. We shine together! This person may appear mysterious and broody. You need to be “in the know,” and it bothers you entirely if you’re treated as if a fool. Juno in Scorpio. I value social grace. Someone magnetic with a lot of passion who helps you to bring out passion from yourself too. Juno in Astrology. What is Juno in Libra My jealousy is triggered in partnerships when I lose sight of symmetry, beauty and balance. I crave a partner who values social dexterity and balance and walks into a room with me as my equal.

Deep intimacy and bonding are paramount for you. Boquet (about a thousand, approximately) to boost the influence of asteroids, there was an overwhelming majority of Juno in Scorpio and a corresponding and striking shortage of Juno in Taurus.

First of all, there is a curious fact: in personal matters consulted by C.J. Juno in Sagittarius What is Juno in Scorpio

Juno in Scorpio: Your soulmate or partner is passionate and that could be what attracts you to him or her, strong sexual attraction.

We’re triggered where Juno is in our charts, but it’s also a place of potential power and empowerment. This positioning points to a jealous and obsessive spouse at times. Juno in Scorpio Your spouse will be attractive and mysterious. Besides, it can be interpreted that you still have a karmic bond from the past between each other.

They may become manipulative and jealous, using sex as a way to control their partner. You’ll want to hide away with this person fro long weekends and it might even be a secret liaison while both of you are with other people. Juno is an asteroid discovered on September the 1st in 1804, and is situated between Mars and Jupiter, and in astrology, she is slowly finding her place as playing an important role in marriage and long term relationships (10 + years) - Juno is currently being debated in the astrology community as to being the assigned ruler for Libra, while Venus acts as co-ruler.

Sexual compatibility will be a must. Your Juno sign expresses what you need from your partner in order for the relationship to last. Money and its sharing may also be a strong factor in your relationships.