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Kung Fury: Street Rage es una acción emocionante en el Android realizada en la trama del cortometraje Kung Fury. about genre action rating rated "t " for violence, bloodsummary introducing -- as seen in the motion picture -- kung fury: street rage!!! Same price as a Big-Mac meal in a styrofoam box back in 1985. Una producción de a penas 30 minutos en la que podemos ver todos los tópicos de los 80.Sí, algo delirante e imprescindible de ver.

the award winning kung fu saga continues in ***** kung fury: street rage – the arcade strikes back ***** the upgraded ht-3000 cartridge contains: *** new playable characters *** ultimate boss fights in an epic story *** voices by the original movie actors *** and all the good stuff you loved in the first game Kung Fury es, posiblemente, lo mejor que nos ha dado internet en los últimos meses. fight, boxing, fighting, espn, fighters # … Explore Kung Fury: Street Rage game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews. 80s, kiel, kung fury, 3komma3, alte mu # 80s # kiel # kung fury # 3komma3 # alte mu. Visit the Store Page Most popular community and official content for the past week. Y8 Games is home to many martial arts related games. En este juego tu personaje es un luchador de kung fu contra los nazis que quieren matarlo. Like Kung-Fu fighting, great upbeat music, and the Lamborghini Countach for crying out loud!
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Depots. Lucha con los enemigos usando los golpes más aplastantes de combos y derrota a todos los nazis y robots que se pongan de pie en tu camino. This game has all the things that made a game from the 80s cool, fun, simple, and addictive. Be patient and use your energy wisely as you master the Chinese fighting style. … Expand

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Master the ancient methods of martial arts and be the last one standing after an intense round of 1 vs. 1 kungfu combat. The game is $3.99 on PSN. Kung Fury Game for Beta Testing CD Key: 4 November 2015 – 01:23:52 UTC: 68636: Kung Fury: Street Rage Store or CD Key: 8 August 2019 – 00:00:05 UTC: 314479: Kung Fury: Street Rage ( 373180 ) - complimentary reviewer package No Cost: 10 October 2018 – 07:13:47 UTC: Cross reference packages and depots for this app. join kung fury in the voice-acted arcade beat ‘em up story of the century!

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