There are a number of commercial operators that run either boat or helicopter transport around the Rotorua Lakes area, creating a variety of options for connecting trails or getting to/from campsites. Let us help you to discover this natural wonderland by boat or on foot.

Permits to the Tarawera Falls and Tarawera Outlet cost $10 per vehicle from 1 August 2018. Printable Maps. Access permits. Lake Tarawera is a picturesque lake, famous for the size and condition of its rainbow trout. Mount Tarawera itself stands sentinel over a landscape of native New Zealand bush, natural hot springs, waterfalls and an abundance of birdlife. Find commercial operators for Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve. Permits are available in hardcopy from many agents around the lake, or use our online service ePermit. Several lakes in the area drain into it directly or via groundwater, along with geothermal springs on the southern and northern shores. Ramp use etiquette; Location of boat ramps; Ramp permits. The Pink & White Terraces. All Interests. MapMuse - Find your place.

Lake Tarawera is a deep lake; any water flowing in to it stays there for around 10 years. Relax in the natural hot springs in Te Rātā Bay. Internet Research. Here you can also enjoy a delicious meal before or after your boat trip. Interests Places to go and interesting things to see and do . A ramp permit is needed to use the Department of Internal Affairs' ramp facilities. Complete list and interactive map of Public Boat Ramps in Oregon across Oregon including address, hours, phone numbers, and website. Permits to the Tarawera Falls and Tarawera Outlet cost $10 per vehicle from 1 August 2018. A number of DOC approved commercial operators provide tours, boat charters and transport options in the Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve. Access permits. Being here, you can opt to have a self-drive boat or a pedal boat. Data Sales . History & Legends . Lake Tarawera is home to some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes. Enjoy water sports or explore the tracks in other areas around Lake Tarawera. An instant fine of NZ$200.00 will be imposed for using a ramp without first getting a permit.

Permits will be issued from: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5 pm. All Brands. Camp in scenic surroundings. The best starting point for your Lake Tarawera boat trip is the Landing which was initially used in the 19 th century as the departure point for those heading to the Pink and White terraces. Access by boat (water taxis are available) or walk in via the Tarawera Trail. Find commercial operators for Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve.