The electric flux across a closed surface is proportional to the charge enclosed. I hope you have understood the concept and how to derive Maxwell’s first and second equations. The magnetic flux across a closed surface is zero. Maxwell's Equations are a set of 4 complicated equations that describe the world of electromagnetics. These are the set of partial differential equations that form the foundation of classical electrodynamics, electric circuits and classical optics along with Lorentz force law. The First Maxwell’s equation (Gauss’s law for electricity) The Gauss’s law states that flux passing through any closed surface is equal to 1/ε0 times the total charge enclosed by that surface.

These equations describe how electric and magnetic fields propagate, interact, and how they are influenced by objects. Gauss's law for magnetism: There are no magnetic monopoles. The first two Maxwell's equations, given above, are for integrals of the electric and magnetic fields over closed surfaces . Maxwell's equations are four of the most important equations in all of physics, encapsulating the whole field of electromagnetism in a compact form. Maxwell’s first equation is based on Gauss’ law of electrostatics published in 1832, wherein Gauss established the relationship between static electric charges and their accompanying static fields. The equation (4) is differential form of Maxwell’s second equation. The other two Maxwell's equations, discussed below, are for integrals of electric and magnetic fields around closed curves (taking the component of the field pointing along the curve).

Maxwell's equations are a set of four differential equations that form the theoretical basis for describing classical electromagnetism: Gauss's law: Electric charges produce an electric field. Note: You can also read article on Maxwell third equation and its derivation.

Learning these equations and how to use them is a key part of any physics education, and there are many simple examples that can help you do just that.

The above integral equation states that the electric flux through a closed surface area is equal to the total charge enclosed. Maxwell was the first person to calculate the speed of propagation of electromagnetic waves which was same as the speed of light and came to the conclusion that EM waves and visible light are similar..