Garand Thumb has a special guest on his channel Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners who recommends airsoft for cross training with firearms. Make it happen. Travis Haley and Garand Thumb on carbine setup The two finally got together and made a video discussing their rifle setup. Garand Thumb Archive by Garand Thumb.

comment. Garand Thumb chimes in on gun control Youtube channel Garand Thumb, Mike Haley chimes in on the pressing issue of further gun control in America. Join Colion and co-host Amy Robbins for the latest on firearms, fashion, pop culture and other hot topics. In our world, he is a man who needs little introduction, thanks to his Marine Corps background, Special Ops experience, and combat-training prowess. 22 May 2020. G&G GPM92 GP2 Limited Walnut & Silver Editions. Garand Thumb does a comparison of some of well-known chest rigs available in the market. In this video, they talk about the setups of their ARs so if you want to setup your M4 just like theirs, better watch this video. So we gave him his own show. ... Travis Haley and Garand Thumb talk about their carbine (AR15_M4) setups.mp4 download. Topics firearms, guns, ... garand_thumb_archive_201908 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. From: Garand Thumb Posted by Gun News Blog at 1:02 AM. i like garand thumb and i have a few t-rex arms holsters. Travis Haley's Life in Service. Handgun Vehicle Darkness. And you have to admit, he makes a lot of sense. chickfil-a-helicopter-pilot liked this . a-macjr reblogged this from officialyasen. Help make this happen by signing the petition and getting the word out. If you've never heard of him check out his stuff he is a top notch professional. Two personalities who have big followings from the airsoft community in one video. The joke about their paternity started when Garand Thumb became popular and someone pointed out that they look similar. Re: Travis Haley, Garand Thumb, and Co in Hawaii « Reply #9 on: June 05, 2018, 11:25:25 AM » If its Jurassic related, all kinds of things are planned and about to happen since the movie is about to release soon. Thanks to his blunt and hilarious rants, Colion Noir has become one of the leading voices for young gun enthusiasts. D5 courses are 2-3 day live fire training programs, focused on the science of shooting for all levels of shooters. lucas from t-rex comes off as douchey like a skinny chris costa in his videos but the kid can shoot and his holsters are good. Mike Jones AKA "Garand Thumb" AKA "Flannel Daddy" needs to be represented as an operator in the new Call of Duty. Watch him give his take on the Haley Strategic Partners Chest Rigs, Spiritus Systems Chest Rig, V-TAC Chest Rig, and the Mayflower RECCE Rig. arden-seno reblogged this from officialyasen. Travis Haley is certainly cut from a different cloth. ... Airsoft Mike: ICS Airsoft CXP-APE EBB. #Travis Haley #Mike Jones #Garand Thumb #Kagwerks #Haley Strategic #Masazumin's gif #my gif. Other Characters could be Lucas of T-Rex Arms, Grandpa Haley… This is the Hero Call of Duty needs. We currently offer classes for Handgun, Carbine, Subgun and AK hosted at a range near you.. Feb 28-01 San Diego, CA. Garand Thumb is a youtube channel which discusses gun and military culture in informative and humorous ways. 17,700 talking about this.