Quite possibly the best twin-stick roguelike on the Switch. Nuclear Throne Switch review – totally rad GameCentral Monday 25 Mar 2019 1:00 am Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Nuclear Throne rewards skill, but the inability to see any more than a fraction of a level holds the player back. This has been a two year open development that’s led to something really splendid. by Casey Gibson - March 24, 2019, 5:17 pm PDT Discuss in talkback! Nuclear Throne, developed and published by Vlambeer, stands out among the many arcade titles available to gamers. Nuclear Throne n'est pas qu'un très bon top down shooter pondu par des amoureux de l'arcade qui tape fort et de la récompense distillée au bon moment. An early access version was released on Steam in 2013. Nuclear Throne is the largest project that Vlambeer had made and was in development for a number of years. Nuclear Throne was developed by Vlambeer and released in December of 2015. Vlambeer was founded by Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail.

With loads of characters and extras to uncover, you'll spend hours shooting away like a maniac in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. The premise is simple – select one of the many different characters with unique abilities to run and gun your way past the challenging two-dimensional enemies you encounter along the way. Nuclear Throne (Switch) Review.

9.5. Nuclear Throne is a thrilling rogue-like twin stick shooter that'll keep you coming back for more. By Gelugon_baat | Review Date: Jun 29, 2018 | PC Nuclear Throne has proven to be a champion of Early Access, demonstrating how regular updates, and careful use of player feedback (ie. knowing what to ignore), can be an effective route to a final release. Vlambeer is a Dutch independent video game development studio.