dAKerbalSpaceProgram. A.S.E.T. Once people get the process accurate I assumed they'll eventually optimize it on their own. They're down to thrusters only and there's less than 50m between them. Featured in collections. Industries presents a work in progress [Pre-Release] the ALCOR capsule, Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous. Orbital mechanics, also called flight mechanics, is the study of the motions of artificial satellites and space vehicles moving under the influence of forces such as gravity, atmospheric drag, thrust, etc. In other words, doing an Apollo-style mission, even though it involves a rendezvous between the Mun lander and the Command Module, doesn't count because the Mun lander and the Command Module were both originally part of the same vessel when they were first launched, and the game *does* keep track of that. Acknowledgements. KAS introduce new gameplay mechanics by adding winches and eva attachable struts/pipes. v7 - Adjusted phrasing in one chart and updated drawing of spacecraft in all 4 charts. This is basic rendezvous (and not only does almost every KSP/Orbiter beginner use it, it was used by Gemini 67 and explained by Walter Cronkite on TV as his 1966 Christmas gift to the world.) Laythe, the water moon of Jool (KSP's Jupiter analog), is probably the most interesting and challenging target for exploration in the Kerbol system. Anyway have a good one, glad I could be of some assistance. . That's the priority. KSP by ScarletLightning565. Kerbal Engineer Redux. Olex's beautiful Interactive illustrated interplanetary guide and calculator which inspired me to create this tool as a web page. Zoom out to see your orbit's intersection with the target planet's orbit. v6 - Fixed a typo in the Hohmann transfer's step 6. v5 - Added 2 techniques (for a total of 4). Comments 4. I want to almost guarantee a successful rendezvous, rather than offering an efficient one. Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) 2M Downloads Updated Oct 27, 2019 Created Aug 31, 2014. There are 4 techniques. In general, an orbital rendezvous involves two steps - encounter and velocity matching . . It has been suggested that this page or section be merged with Tutorial: Orbital Rendezvous. Burn prograde to increase your apoapsis about 5km higher than your target, or until the intercept minimizes. Another case where I eschewed efficiency for ease of use is the inclination change. Reply. After a nearly 1,000-day mission, I've successfully returned six Kerbals, including three that have landed on Laythe, to Kerbin. New readout modules for post maneuver node orbit parameters. Prevent readout modules from flickering when on EVA or using a rover. ; And of course Kerbal Space Program for motivating me to finally learn orbital mechanics. Can you gave Stock craft? Once positioned, turn prograde and burn, until you reach ejection velocity.