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Submit Review. Today it is produced by Nestlé. Show All Show Less. „Major“ und „Miss“, die durch die beiden Hauptfiguren des Stücks inspiriert wurden, wurden bis zum Jahr 2000 auf allen Quality Street Schachteln und Blechdosen dargestellt. Your Review. علبة شيكولاتة 1250غ - ®Mackintosh® Quality Street اشتري الآن معرفة المزيد علبة شيكولاتة 850غ - ®Mackintosh® Quality Street Your Rating. Max 4000 characters. Payment & Delivery. We love to see your comments. same day or next day delivery. Review Title. When John Mackintosh died his son Harold inherited the business and in 1936 he invented Quality Street, which is still manufactured in the same facility today. Buy Mackintosh'S Quality Street Chocolate 850g | مركز سلطان اونلاين . Rating: Excellent (0) Very Good (0) Good (0) Average (0) Poor (0) Write a Review. Collectible Tin "Quality Street Mackintosh's chocolates and toffees" made in England by the Nestle company.

Quality Street - Mackintosh Con un estilo vintage en sus diseños en forma de lata o cartón, a través de sus dos míticos personajes ingleses y bajo el color púrpura ha logrado hacerse un hueco como uno de los dulces navideños más populares de Gran Bretaña. shop now using cash, knet or visa on delivery

Payment method Accepted. Quality Street is a selection of individual tinned or boxed toffees, chocolates and sweets, first manufactured by Mackintosh's in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England, in 1936.It was named after J. M. Barrie's play Quality Street. In 1890, John Mackintosh and his wife opened store in Halifax, where they create a new type of candy by mixing hard caramel gooey caramel. Your Rating. Lord Mackintosh wrote detailed notes about the famous Quality Street tin Credit: Solent News 11 The notes have been released for the first time Credit: Solent News Quality Street wurde 1936 von der Halifaxer Konditorei Mackintosh auf den Markt gebracht. Vintage Mackintosh's Quality Street Assortment Tin, Decorative Tin, Collectibles, John Mackintosh & Sons Tin Box, Memorabilia, Advertising BackroomVintageStore 5 out of 5 …

Der Name stammt von dem gleichnamigen Theaterstück von J. M. Barrie.
Mackintosh's Quality Street Chocolate 850g. MACKINTOSH’S QUALITY STREET Arabia YouTube page is the perfect place for watching videos and interacting with our Community.