Solaris 11 zones have some many differences from Solaris 10 zones.Oracle tried to make zone as completely independent virtual machines and they succeed on that.Oracle introduced many utilities and new features in Solaris 11 local zones.some of the key features are, 1. zonestat 2. beadm in zones 3. anet, the new auto-configuring zone network interface … Oracle Solaris provides simple update, compliance monitoring, performance monitoring, and zero overhead virtualization for isolating mission-critical workloads.

Solaris 10, the latest release of the operating system from Sun MicroSystems includes many upgraded and enhanced features and a few brand new features. ZFS for the boot environment requires Solaris 10u6 or newer. However, later in 2010, Oracle has accessed Sun Microsystem and till today Solaris is developed and maintained by Oracle under Oracle Solaris project. Upon the next reboot you get a patched OS environment. Earlier Solaris was developed as proprietary software. It was founded in 1982 by Bill Joy.

The Solaris Operating system is written in C, C++. Solaris Software is a perfect platform for network computing developed by Sun microsystems. In this overview, get up to date on the features you should know about in the latest releases of IBM AIX, Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX and Oracle's Solaris.

I am (was) a Solaris admin through to about nine years ago, from v2.5 through v8.

Take a look at key features of the Solaris 11.3. Plus it is now free.

With Solaris 11, Oracle has introduced many new features.

Additionally, the OS offers built-in virtualization, as well as these other features to help support more cloud-friendly implementations: Its Tamper Evident Software feature is designed to ensure that only trusted software that has been properly signed by administrators can be installed on a SPARC/Solaris system. You can run Solaris for free, but you can't get updates for free.

Unix overview: The latest features in AIX, HP-UX and Solaris Each of the major Unix versions have been updated with useful new features recently. Features that were previously only available in Trusted Solaris, such as fine-grained privileges, are now part of the standard Solaris release. Also, Solaris Zones are pretty useful for application isolation. Operating System • Just a program • Provides a stable , consistent way for applications to deal with the hardware 3 OS Multi - tasking Memory Management Security User interface Peripheral Management 4.

• SunOS is a Unix-branded operating system • Developed by Sun Microsystems • Marketed under the brand name Solaris. This is true with the Solaris zones as well. I've had a little exposure to Solaris 9, and almost none to 10. If you discover an issue with a patch, you can make the old snapshot bootable, reboot and you've backed out your changes. If somebody can shed on this topic would be highly appreciated.