Avian : Does anyone like polka dots? Arctic is a primary biome type characterized by a vast expanse of ocean with small scattered islands made of ice, and slush.Traversing the surface is best done with boats or an aqua sphere for speed.

The mod that adds RPG Mechanics to Starbound! Tentacomet (codex) Rocks can't hurt you, right? The Explorer's skills mostly improve movement and Mining. Lucky you, the latter roams the Starbound universe. Perfect Shielding increases damage. Level 50: Ravenous Spira Increased mining speed and dps. Sonic Sphere is a Tech that allows the player to transform into a ball which can move very quickly by using a sphere dash. Hold shift while mining to prevent blocks from dropping. Entry Jelly. #occupyrex'sfridge Serious about the picture. Symbiosis; Siphon Spore Upgrade. You have the tools to make the universe your own and modify the game to suit your play style - add new items, races, planet types, dungeons, and quests - the possibilities are limitless. A fun food for all the family. Store Page. (the names of the quests and armor sets will be slightly different despite having the same stats). Wait! Steam Workshop: Starbound. The Explorer glows while Health is greater than half, and is slightly more Resistant to Physical Damage. When did you come back? Anyhow, it's going back. While doing so, energy is regenerated. While activated characters are shown as a purple and black sphere. There are seven starting Races to choose from in Starbound. #metoodamnit Starbound has been built from the ground up to be multiplayer and easily moddable.

Choose from one of 7 playable races and customize your character STORE COMMUNITY ABOUT SUPPORT Install Steam login | language. Racial Descriptions. Common. Spin to Win; Ravenous Spira Upgrade. Each race is unique in appearance and offers their own lore and armor etc. You guys are weak. This mod adds the ability to raise stats and make your character stronger. They could fall on your head, or roll over you, or they could be harbouring a dangerous, ravenous tentacle beast just waiting to tear you apart. Starbound. The ocean floor is covered with coral and glowing oshrooms. Jelly (codex) was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable. Tentacomet (codex) Rocks can't hurt you, right? Lucky you, the latter roams the Starbound universe. At least, that is, until it sprouts eyes and tentacles and tries to slaughter you. The tooltips for each item is different based on your race as well. Spira can now mine background blocks. To discuss ideas, ask questions, or give feedback about this wiki join us on the #wiki channel in Starbound Discord chat or the wiki section of the official forums. A short wooden lamp with a polka dot lamp shade.

Righteousness; Vital Aegis Upgrade.


The Explorer is an evasive utility class that performs better with Tools such as Pickaxes, Flashlights, or the Matter Manipulator.

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Raven's Set is an Avian tier 6 armor set crafted using a Manipulator's Table. A tasty, wobbly snack.