Mostly sunny, cold in the northwest. It is the small island state, but it has a bunch of things to offer like hiking, wildlife, wines, food, heritage, beaches. Tasmania gets winter weather in December and there’s more rain on the way PATRICK BILLINGS, SHAUN McMANUS and LORETTA LOHBERGER , Mercury December 4, 2017 1:00am Bridestowe Estate The temperatures hover above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) in most major cities, especially along the coast. 30 days and beyond. The prolific peaks rarely see ‘peak’ seasons, however, with wilderness to roam, crowds free, just about everywhere. Windy on the highlands.

In December, the length of days remains essentially constant. Charming, inviting, stunning are the words when you see images of Tasmania.

Weather: The days are warmest in December, which will brighten up your mood. Australia Weather in December With December ushering in the first days of Australia’s summer, the weather within all areas is quite warm. December 1 is the shortest day of month while December 22 is the longest day of the month. Clearing shower, cold in the northeast. Clearing shower, cold in the northeast.

41.9 at Friendly Beaches today was the highest ever December temp recorded in Tas, 2nd highest for any month (behind Scamanders 42.2). The average minimum temperature in Tasmania in December is 11°. 7 sites reached 40 and a further 4 were over 39. The minimum temperature is 10° in the previous month and 12° in the next month. Tasmania Forecast. The sun in Cairns rises the earliest on December 1 at 5.34am and the latest sunrise at 5.45am on December 31. Sunday Mostly cloudy, cold in the south. Sunny, cool-to-cold in the northwest. The average temperature in Tasmania in December is 16°. 32) Tasmania.

Hobart, Tasmania - Travel and vacation weather averages, current conditions and forecasts. Monday Mostly sunny, cold in the southwest. Australia Hobart, State of Tasmania Long Range Weather Forecast Helping You Avoid Bad Weather. Fog then sunny, cold in the southeast.

The summer months of December, January and February are peak season in Tasmania. The average temperature ranges is 14° in the previous month and 17° in the next month.