Still, her family loves her. Her owner's name was Malcolm Orr. She suffered from a mild brain disorder. She gained fame in 2012 after a video of her trying to run went viral. Just sharing the love and blah blah blah... #amazingstory #cute #drama #locathepug #mustread #poetry #pug #pugs #random #suspense #tragedy #trilogy #wattys2017 LOCA THE PUG -- lyrics Random. May 7, 2016 - "I'm Bouncin' Flouncin' Fallin' all Around the Show." The "pug who couldn't run" is dead, the beloved pup's Facebook page announced. Family Life. One of her most popular YouTube videos is "Loca the Pug singing.....'The pug that couldn't run'" which earned more than 16 million views after it was posted in 2012. The pug that couldn't run ***LYRICS DISCLAIMER: I don't own any part of this. Loca is an adorable pug from Ireland who suffers from a mild brain disorder which is causing her to not be able run ‘normally' like her buddies. But Luca isn't very good at running, due to a non-harmful brain disorder. It's the only way it affects her, and she doesn't seem to See more ideas about Pugs, Funny animals, Animal gifs. Loca, the pug that couldn't run - (2:33) Perfect pug except for one thing, she can't f**king run.

Many are wondering whether Loca the Pug, the subject of a viral video, has died. -Loca the Pug. Trivia. With a loving family and lots of space to run outdoors, it's a great life. Loca is a very lucky pug living in Ireland. Credit goes to the ones who made and too lazy too check. The precious pug, Loca from Ireland ‘sings’ about her love of playing outside with canine friends in the song “The Pug That Couldn't Run”.