Rail access to five major US class 1 railroads. They were renumbered 6300-6314. It's difficult to model some of these F units because of a lack of decent photos of the roof details.
Via rail/agents. Via rail routes. Via rail emploi. Via rail train. Economical to purchase and operate, the RDC was a huge success. Compare Search ( … Via rail 6300. Via Rail Canada Template:Reporting mark (Template:IPAc-en; generally shortened to Via Rail or Via; styled corporately as VIA Rail Canada) is an independent crown corporation offering intercity passenger rail services in Canada.. Via rail's. Via railway. Via Rail Canada - VIA E8A, FP7A, F9A and FP9A. 1975, in pre-VIA Rail days. Via railroad. HO Scale CN/VIA FP9A . Via rail churchill mb. Via rail cross canada trip. The Budd RDC (Rail Diesel Car) was a hugely popular passenger car and locomotive in one, purchased in large quantities in the 1950s by railroads eager to reduce the losses from offering passenger services. Robert CN would later transfer its remaining fleet of FP9A locomotives to VIA Rail Canada in 1978, which operated independently of CN as a crown corporation. Via rail canada news. Several of these newly-christened FP9ARMs were equipped with Head End Power generators in 1998. When CN rebuilt some FP9's into the 6300-6304 FP9ARM's in 1984-85, these replaced the 9150's, such as No 93 with engines VIA 6304-6300 on August 19, 1984. It was to have a tragic end.

Location: 6300 Terminal Drive Henry Clay Wharf New Orleans, LA. Via rail train photos. Units fitted with HEP, 6300, 6302, 6304, 6307, 6308, 6311 and 6313. Initially they retained their steam generators, but 7 of these units were fitted with an HEP generator by 1997. Engine 1422 was rebuilt for VIA Rail and renumbered, 6566. 1416: 6300: 6301: 6301: 6305: 6305: 6305: 6305: 6305: 6305: 6309: 6309: 6309: 6309: 6309: 6314: 6441 & 6314 Member, THE WORLD GROUP, coordinating warehousing services worldwide. Via rail trips. ... with the last order in 1958, would be GPA-17e. ... LTD. ICC property brokerage, coordination of all inland transportation via rail, truck, or container. Later that same day VIA began it's Halifax-Moncton-Saint John-Montreal service.

On February 08th, 1986, it was the lead unit of eastbound VIA RAIL # 4, when it collided with a westbound CN RAIL freight, 11 miles east of Hinton, Alberta. There are still RDCs in mainline service today. Via rail 6309. Via rail canadian rockies. Caption: VIA Rail FP9A 6300 awaits the 9 pm departure on a Saturday evening late in April 1990 of #92 for Winnipeg, 1000 miles and 35 hours to the south. In the early 1980s, VIA Rail Canada rebuilt several of it's ex-Canadian National FP9As, installing 645 power assemblies, modified governors, and rebuild body cladding. Trailing 6300 is another FP9A, two steam generators, three flat cars each equipped with steam pass-through lines and each carrying a highway trailer, one baggage car, one coach, one dining car and one E-class sleeping car. Due to a shortage of units, in the 1990s, though, 15 units were extensively rebuilt as VIA Rail FP9ARM units.
This picture was taken and submitted by Massey F. Jones BVIA Budd RDC1 %6101 Sept 1981 This picture was taken by Allen and submitter by Kim Parker : VIA 6213 at Courtenay BC, Nov 1988: This picture was taken and submitted by Jim Booth, Willingdon AB: VIA Rail 6120 and 6206 at London, ON, Aug 1987 Via rail trail. These units were finally retired by 2001, and were replaced by GE P42DC units. Via rail f40ph.