About Vincenzo Galilei He was an Italian lutenist, composer, and music theorist, and the father of the famous astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei and of the composer Michelagnolo Galilei. While he did write polyphonic works, he tended to favor music for one singer, accompaniment often being given by the lute. Vincenzo Galilei was born around 1520 in Tuscany, and he studied to become a composer and lutenist. Galileo was born in Pisa (then part of the Duchy of Florence), Italy, the first of six children of Vincenzo Galilei, a famous lutenist, composer and music theorist, and Giulia Ammannati. Four of their six children survived infancy, and the youngest Michelangelo (or Michelagnolo) also became a noted lutenist and composer. Around 1560 he settled in Pisa, where Galileo Galilei was born in 1564, the oldest of six or seven children. 1525 - 1591) Vincenzo Galilei was born in Florence.He made his living as a lutenist, composer, theorist, singer, and teacher. Vincenzo Galilei was a Renaissance-era Italian composer and music theorist known for his efforts to restore a working balance between music and poetry via single-line vocal music. Vincenzo Galilei (ca.