I'm completing an Immigration visa application form and one question asks if I've previously been to Australia. As I have previously travelled around Australia on a tourist visa 10 years ago I need to quote the Visa Label number or Visa Grant Number. If you do not know your reference number, you can request it at: VEVO Request for Reference Number . You might want to … I just had a look at the visa grant letter we received via our Agent - after all the reference no info for visa type, for each applicant it shows an individual grant number, so I … Because the trip was a long time ago I don't have any of the original paperwork and there isn't any sign of the visa number in my old passport. If you have been affected by a recent natural disaster in Australia and you need visa and citizenship information, call us on 131 881. See how the government is helping with recovery. a visa grant number — you can find this on your visa grant notification letter if you have an existing visa label in your passport, you can use the visa evidence number from the label. Visa Grant Number - you can find this on your visa grant notification letter Visa Evidence Number - you can find this on your existing visa label, if you have one Password - if you are in Australia contact 131 881 for a password to be created.

You must apply for your ETA with the passport and passport number you will be travelling to Australia with; the visa is linked to this number. 17 Dec 2019 Measles outbreaks Number of measles cases worldwide has increased substantially in recent years. – Transaction Reference Number (TRN) – Visa Evidence Number – Visa Grant Number – VEVO Password. Note for New Zealand Citizens living in Australia: If you do not know any of the above References Types – please call Visa General Enquires on 131 881 and ask for a VEVO Password. Keep a copy of your visa grant notification letter in a safe place for your reference. Steps to providing CVCheck your Visa details: 1. Hello, I will apply online for a PR(887) and one of the requested fields is "Visa number" which need to be in a specific format from my passport label.My husband has a visa label in his passport and I don't, I have only my visa grant notification where there is a visa number but in a different format and this is not accepted. In 90% of cases your ETA visa will be granted automatically. How long will I wait for my ETA visa to be granted? 签证页右上角的一串数字就是Visa Grant Number (签证核准号码),看图片表示Visa Number就是这个: 每个澳洲签证的批签信或label上都会有一系列的签证条款,一般在签证批准信上我们会看到“ Visa Conditions”,意思是在持有这个签证的期间,我们必须要遵从这些签证的条款。 This letter contains important information about your visa including your visa grant number (or transaction reference number, if lodged online) which is needed for VEVO access.