Official website of BH Bicycles. See race proven e-mountain bikes and quality urban e-bikes. Lynx Split Pivot suspension is utilized on our World Cup Level Enduro and Cross Country traditional mountain bikes, but is also optimized for use on our e-pedal assist full … All BH bikes and electric bikes deliver our riders the exclusive BH cycling experience. Skip to content. Electric bikes made by BH Bikes are high performance and impress the most demanding riders. Beistegui Hermanos S.A. (BH) is a Spanish bicycle manufacturer founded in 1909 to make guns.In 1919, after World War I, BH began making bicycles. BH remains one of the most established, respected, and internationally successful brands available today.

ATOMX Carbon Improving the most elite Ebike. The BH/Easy Motion Lynx Split Pivot is a patented, state of the art rear suspension designed by BH Bikes. The BH Ultimate EVO has been completely revamped to make it one of the most lightweight models of … Official website of BH Bicycles. 1 866-752-4872 Prior to the Spanish Civil War, Beistegui Hermanos also produced firearms, specifically copies of the Ruby pistol (as the 1914 Model) and Mauser C96 (as the MM31 and MM34).. BH is in Vitoria-Gasteiz, capital of the Basque Country, Spain. BH Cycling Experience. Ultimate EVO A 840-gram thoroughbred. Our passion and commitment to bicycles and to cyclists has made us an icon in the current world of cycling. The new ATOMX Carbon line continues to offer 29” wheels, with 720 Wh batteries capable of achieving ranges of 155 km, combined with the powerful, lightweight Brose S Mag motor.