Ymai is a young millennial multi-talented Vietnamese artist.

She is one-of-kind singer/songwriter. A self-taught pianist and dancer.

Currently she is based in Saigon, Vietnam.

She has released her first digital single on Itunes/Apple Music back in 2016 – as a featuring singer on a tropical house track. The track received airplay on Groundmix and several other outlets.

The following years after the single release Ymai spend producing and releasing a lot of R’n’B, Soul and Pop cover songs.

In 2018, Ymai featured as singer on the main hook on the track “In A Box” by producer Nguyen Hong Giang featuring Emcee K and Spaghetti Blacc – which got notoriety on digital music streaming platform Soundcloud.

She also delivered incredible live performances at “Saigon Outcast” – “Bromo” & “Le fenetre Solei” among many other venues.

Over the years, she has been collaborating with musicians worldwide in various genres – but especially R’n’B, Jazz and Trap. Among others she has been working with Vietnamese Teddyzkillers.

Being a pianist and vocalist – she writes original songs performed with her characteristic silky soft edgy vocals.

She has always been eager to become one of Vietnamese millennial artists that can spread her experimental art worldwide.

Being so talented as Ymai, she is undoubtedly one of the South East Asian artists worth keeping your eyes and ears on in the next couple of years.

She has a raw attitude – unique Asian swagger and a hard-working mentality.

Next up for Ymai is releasing her long-awaited EP ‘101’ containing 6 newly produced songs. All of which Ymai co-wrote and performed.

First single release of the EP ‘101’ 2020 is titled “The Realest” and are released by Phoenix Phonetics and digital distributed worldwide by DiGiDi [Digital Distribution a.m.b.a.].

Phoenix Phonetics Releases

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